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jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012


This is my composition for the English class:

Approximately two years ago, five guys, who liked to sing, started meeting in their free time to practise. Those five guys were Álvaro, Blas, Carlos, Dani and David.

Blas, David, Dani, Álvaro and Carlos
They live in Madrid, but each of them are from different cities: Álvaro is from Alcalá de Henares, Blas is from Murcia, Carlos is from Alicante, Dani's from Ciudad Real and David's from Granada. One day, they decided to take in the casting of 'Destino Eurovisión', a program where the representative of Spain for Eurovisión is chosen.

'Endless Road, 7058-Upcoming' sleeve
They never thought that their dream would become true. They didn't think they would go throught the casting. They decided to be called Auryn, like the lucky charm of 'La Historia Interminable', of Michael Ende. This name hac caused a lot of luck, because they've got a CD called 'Endless Road, 7058' and a reissue called 'Endless Road, 7058 - Upcoming', but they didn't win the competition. They give a lot of concerts around Spain, their CDs are sales top, and they won the revelation artist prize of the year 2011.


I Don't Think So! - AURYN

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